Saturday, January 31, 2015

Benefits of Yerba Mate

This South American herbal plant pronounced as ‘YERB-ah mah-TAY’ is brewed as a tea to enjoy its benefits. While the natives of South America drink the brew from a hollow gourd, you can use a cup and still reap the yerba mate nutrition and health benefits.

1. Reduces Cellulite:

If you are battling cellulite unsuccessfully, it is time to try an extract of Yerba Mate on your skin. The caffeine in the extract will reduce cellulite and help you get flawless, smooth skin.

2. Erases Stretch Marks:

The extract is also beneficial for reducing visibility of stretch marks, a common problem most pregnant women experience.

3. Offers Healthy Skin:

Yerba Mate extract is a natural skin lubricant and using it regularly can help you get soft and healthy looking skin. 

4. Adds Lustre to the Dyed Hair:

Hair dyes can make the hair dull. They also end up damaging your hair and you need to take proper care if you want to prolong the effects of the colour. With Yerba Mate, you can help bring back the lustre and sheen to your dyed hair.

5. Improves Volume:

Not only this, it also aids in strengthening your hair and making it bouncy and voluminous.

6. Restores Hair Colour:

Yerba Mate also has the ability to restore your natural hair colour.

7. Treats Hair Loss:

The vitamins and minerals in Yerba Mate can strengthen your hair follicles and reduce excessive hair loss.

8. Promotes Hair Growth:

They also help in promoting hair growth. 

9. Great Vitamin Content:

It is rich in B complex vitamins and Vitamin C.

10. Mineral Store:

It also contains several minerals, such as manganese, zinc and potassium.

11. Boosts Immune System:

Vitamin C is an antioxidant. It helps to eliminate free radicals from the body and can also boost your immune system. This means you can prevent colds, coughs and premature aging.

12. Reduces the Risk of Cancers:

If cancer runs in your family, you may want to take Yerba Mate to reduce the chances of developing it.

13. Healthy Heart;

The theobromine in Yerba Mate can help you get a healthy heart.

14. Cardiac Health:

It can reduce your blood pressure and restore your cardiac health.

15. Alleviates Stress:

If you feel depressed and moody, sip a brew of Yerba Mate. The caffeine in the herb will stabilize your mood and help alleviate stress.

16. Improves Concentration Power:

It also helps to improve mental focus and helps concentrate.

17. Caffeine Content Doesn’t Cause Side Effects:

The caffeine in Yerba Mate does not cause side effects, such as tremors and sleeplessness that are often associated with other caffeinated beverages.

18. Healthy Digestion:

You also can keep your digestive tract healthy with Yerba Mate, as it stimulates the production of bile and gastric juices.

19. Treats Oral Diseases:

Yerba Mate is the perfect treatment for halitosis or bad breath. It can remove bacteria that are often responsible for mouth odour. This is why it is a common ingredient in toothpastes.

20. Relieves Fatigue:

Drinking yerba mate tea offers relief from physical and mental fatigue as it acts as a stimulant.

21. Cures Constipation:

Another important benefit is when you are constipated and don’t know what to do. Just have this tea to get relief.

22. Prevents Onset of Osteoporosis:

Women who are in the threshold of post menopause often suffer from osteoporosis. Yerba mate tea is a great way to prevent the onset of this debilitating disease.
 To really make use of the medicinal benefits of yerba mate tea, it is better to stick to drinking 2-3 cups of it a day. Anything more than that can cause trouble.
If you experience any side effects, consult your doctor! Better safe than sorry!

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