Personal Make-up Lessons

Have you been applying your make-up the same way for years? Or maybe you’ve never worn make-up and you’d like to start. Or even had disappointing results from supposedly 'professional' make up artist. 
Learn how to look gorgeous and flawless with a personal make-up lesson. Discover how to enhance your face shape and features quickly and confidently, without the need of excessive make. 

This is not a workshop to became a professional make up artist, but a GUIDED lesson to show YOU how to apply YOUR own make-up PROFESSIONALLY and for any occasion!

In this ONE TO ONE Lesson you will learn how to apply your make-up quickly, effectively and in the right colors to suit your natural coloring and personality. 
OUR AIM is that YOU look your BEST  whilst truly feel confident and GOOD about YOURSELF!

We will show you how to:
  • best care for your skin
  • a fast and simple make-up routine
  • make-up colors that suit you naturally
  • application tips for a long-lasting look
  • make-up advice for your special occasions


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we book as a group or is it just a one to one lesson?
Yes, if you are a group of friends who would like to do a joint session, we can organize such workshop for you. The limit for every workshop would be of 4 people to ensure proper attention is given to each participant.

How much is the lesson?
Each lesson session is only 50 Euros. But there is a 5 Euro discount for every individual that you bring along! So it pays you to bring along a friend*!    (*Limited to 4 friends)

How long is the lesson?
The  session is approximately 2 hours. But if it's more then one person attending, it could be prolonged.

How can I book a lesson?
You can contact me either through email on or call on +356 9883675 to book your session according to availability.

Please note, non of the above can be copied with permission.