Couples Massage Workshop

 Share a wonderful experience together

We offer a pleasant experience that speaks to your loving bond. We are dedicated to providing our clients with  a friendly service, in peaceful, and blissful atmosphere.

Anytime is the perfect time for a couples massage. Celebrations, anniversaries, special days, any day, and any hour can be the right occasion for strengthening your bond with the person you love.

What happens during this workshop?...
Each person will give it a go at massaging his/her partner. The therapist will guide you into the steps of correct massaging. You will NOT be examined on technique or method. This is solely to ensure maximum benefit and relaxation  between couple massages.

The therapist will also give you tips on how to blend your own essential oils safely for that special aromatic massage that you always wanted from your partner.

What Are the Benefits of Couples Massage?

  • Stress relief and amazing relaxation!
  • Allows couples to create a closer relationship
  • Allows men/women to be introduced to massage in a safe and comfortable environment
  • You and your sweetie will enjoy a blissful hour of massage, while boosting your health and mental awareness together!
This workshop is also a great exercise for PARENTS-TO-BE.  Learn how to massage mother and unborn baby SAFELY!

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Will we be alone during this workshop or will there be other couples?
    This workshop is a private session where the therapist dedicates full attention to you and your partner. 

    Can I come with a friend instead of my life partner?
    We find no objection in bringing along a friend instead of your partner. However, we encourage partners to join the session together as the therapist can actually hearten better communication between the couple resulting in deeper bonding .

     How long is this Workshop? 
     The workshop take approximately 2.5 Hours, where each person has approx one hour of relaxing massage and another hour of practice. There's also enough time to answer any questions you might have and even a few minutes break.

    Will we able to ask any questions during this workshop?
    Definitely yes. This is about discovering one another and what feels good to each individual.

    How much is this workshop?
    The workshop is ONLY 95 Euros per couple. This covers tuition, practice, massaging and also all the necessary oils needed.

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