Monday, January 18, 2016

The High Performance Life

Image result for high performance lifeHi All,
I have an interesting story to share with you as well as FREE gift. (details below)

This past spring I was feeling inspired to refresh my energy and realign my goals with my vision for the coming year.

I decided to attend a 3-day workshop called High Performance Life training with One Spirit Personal Development who is the island’s premier personal development provider.

I had great fun, learned a tonne and got myself on track. It’s great to take time for yourself and reassess where you are going and if you are still on track. I highly recommend it to anyone.

At High Performance Life I met one of the Co-founders of One Spirit Personal Development.

His name is Joseph Takuski and he is an NLP Master, Meditation Expert and Spiritual Guidance Coach from Canada.

Here’s the interesting part...

Joseph’s been practicing meditation for over 20 years and is back on Malta for a few months to share his expertise about meditation and mastering your mind.A few years back he developed a ground-breaking sell out seminar called “Meditation Made Easy'. In this seminar he demystifies meditation, making it easy for anyone at any level to know when they are meditating and at what level.
By uncovering the science behind meditative practices, a practical and measurable approach reveals itself.Combine this with Joseph’s insight into universal spiritual principles and an amazing experience is the result for both beginner and advance students.

Joseph is back to present his latest and greatest insights about Meditation Made Easy February 13th , 2016 in Malta.
Many of the past participants both in Europe and in Canada have had such amazing results for healing, peace of mind and stress relief just from attending this one day seminar. (You can read the testimonials if you like on his event page, which I’ll share in a minute but first...)

About that gift I mentioned...

In the spirit of giving, Joseph has agreed to offer a FREE guided meditation to my customers as a way for me to say “Thank you so much to you all for your business over the years and let people experience the power of his meditation methods for themselves.”

All you have to do is click the link below and sign up up to receive the gift by email and you’ll get instant access.
You’ll also receive some information about his upcoming seminar at once your gift has been registered.
I just want to say thank you once again for being a valued customer and I hope you enjoy your gift and Joseph’s seminar.

I highly recommend them. Click this link to receive your gift.