Bath Bomb Workshops

Have you ever wondered how bath bombs are made? By popular request, this year, we'll also be running  bath bombs workshops!  
Have fun making lots of fizzy bath treats using natural ingredients and essential oils!

The workshop is a hands on session where you can create different bath bombs, including additional luxury ingredients like petals, seeds and nourishing oils. We will also be discussing how to blend essential oils for use in the bath, so you use the right concentration to fragrance your new creations!

The cost is just 25 Euros, and this includes all raw materials and use of equipment. Moreover, you'll get to keep all of the bath bombs you create that day! (approx 5 per stundent)

This course is limited to 15 attendees, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Lots of fun and laughs guaranteed!! 

TIP: Do a bath bomb party for any of your kid's occasions!  Special prices for group parties!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Bath Bombs?
Bath bombs are soft-but-solid, roundish balls of materials designed to dissolve and bubble when they make contact with water. The bombs are placed in bathtubs after they have been filled with water. While dissolving, bath bombs can contribute scents, colors, oils, cleansing agents or other materials to the bath water.

How long does a bath bomb workshop take?
The workshop can last upto 1.5 hours but this depends entirely on the group we are working with.

Can Bath Bombs be used by children and/or sensitive skin?This entirely depends on the ingredients used to make your own bath bombs. Bath bombs can contain essential oils and additives like sea salt for added cleansing effect. Due to the nature of the additives used in creating these fancy little balls, bath bombs can also be used for therapeutic purposes and thus be ideal for children and even sensitive skin.

How can this workshop be educational for kids?
Besides being a fun activity that creates a useful product, making bath bombs can be a lesson in science. Teach kids that the fizzing reaction that occurs when bath bombs are added to water is actually a bona fide chemical reaction between the baking soda and citric acid. This reaction causes the release of carbon dioxide, which creates the fizzing in the bathtub. This is the same type of reaction that occurs in carbonated beverages.

Do you do workshops for children or adults with special needs?
Bath Bomb workshop is an ideal workshop for kids or adults with special needs as it does not involve any heat equipment, sharp knifes or caustic chemicals. Children and adults alike love this workshop as it's a hands on, colourful experience which stimulates all the senses.

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