The Aromatic Spa Workshop

 Immerse yourself into the world of beautiful healing aromas. 
Learn the art of well being , re create a sense of spa-like feel in your own home
 By using essential oils to help heal the body we can minimize harmful side effects and heal the body gently and naturally. 

Do you know..
What is aromatherapy?
What's the difference between Fragrances and Essential oils?
Which oils can be used safely on children?
What is the safe ratio between an essential oil and a carrier oil?
Which oils can cause cause serious photo sensitivity if used improperly?
Which oils can give you relief from  migraines, insomnia, relief from itching... ?

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE?  ... Join us at SoapCafe`.

This workshop is an easy to follow introduction to essential oils and how you can introduce aromatherapy in your daily beauty rituals , which makes it both informative and fun. 

Anyone is welcome to join, and YOU CAN too learn how to use essential oils SAFELY. This is also a great workshops for students who did our soapmaking / bath bomb  workshops or planning to take these courses in the near future, as it serves as a continuation on aromatherapy.  

What will you Learn?
  • The benefits of aromatherapy
  • How to use essential oils in your daily beauty products (and get to make your own! )
  • How to mix your own oils safely
  • Basic pampering massaging techniques and onsite practice
  • How to use essential oils during massages
  • All participants will get a HANDS ON experience

What will you get?
  • A simple and easy to follow booklet  with info on essential oils and massaging techniques
  • Your own freshly made aromatherapy travel size beauty kit including: masklotion, shower gelfacial cleanser, shampoo and conditioner worth over 25 Euro!
  • Ongoing face to face assistance even after the workshop
  • Tea and refreshments will also be served after the session
Everything else including bottles, jars, essential oils and other raw materials will be provided by SoapCafe` at no extra charge

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a course to become a professional aromatherapist. It's a workshop to get to know more about essential oils while learning to use them SAFELY for PERSONAL USE

OFFICIAL PRICE : 55 Euro per person. OR , book a workshop of 5 people and pay only for 4!
Price also includes your freshly made beauty kits and all you need for the no hidden charges are involved.

DURATION OF WORKSHOP: We know that most have a busy lifestyle so we managed to fit all this into just ONE fun, mind stimulating session. These workshops usually take 2 hours but it may vary according to the individual groups.

MAX. Number Per Group: We ONLY give  the BEST to our students. So we never exceed more then 8 students per workshop. Individual attention GUARANTEED!

E-MAIL or PHONE: +356 99883675

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None can be copied without their permission