Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Salt Crystal Deodorant - YES IT WORKS

Unlike the leading brands sold in drugstores, crystal deodorant is:

~Completely natural, made of mineral salts
~Free of alcohol, aluminum compounds, SLS, and other synthetic chemicals
~A solid, non-sticky and non-staining
~Fragrance free
~Not absorbed by the skin, preventing toxins from accumulating
~Allows the body to sweat out normal toxins, a healthy and necessary process
~Moreover, IT really WORKS! ...(and looks so much prettier that the plastic bottled stuff :p)

How Does Crystal Deodorant Work?
Body odor is caused not just by sweat, but from the by-products of bacteria that live on moist, sweaty areas of the skin. Most deodorants try to overpower body odor, while antiperspirants stop the body from sweating using alcohol or aluminum compound that shrink the pores of the skin.
Sweat is a natural, necessary way for the body to cool itself and release toxins. Salt crystals eliminate odor not by stopping sweat, but by preventing the bacteria that create bad smells from getting a foothold on your skin.

Salt rock crystal deodorants are safe, even for people with allergies and skin sensitivity, and they do not leave behind any noticeable residue on skin or clothing. Though there are several brands available, the only thing to really watch for is that you're choosing a pure salt crystal with no additives or fragrance.


  1. Emmilyn De BrincatJuly 26, 2010 at 8:29 PM

    If only everyone could understand this hehe..I bet you were present at some Neways product meetings ey?..I learnt all this from there :)

  2. ok now, i've heard this before and never believed it actually works... gonna give it a try now!!

  3. hi Emmilyn, well, yeah i did attend some of their meetings, but to tell you the truth, i'm not much of a fan of Neways... i believe their 'soul' is still commercially driven... plus i truly believe 'natural' doesn't come in a plastic bottle!

  4. I read somewhere that part of the problem with the 'odour' lies in what we eat. If we watch our diet, stick off junk, sugars, refined starch etc and try to eat more veg, fruit and overall more healthily, then we can also help reduce odour in the first place. Have you come across this Charlene?

  5. Hey Liz, yes i did and believe very much in it. After all , we are what we eat!... It also effects our skin and in men it is proved to effect the 'odor' of their ejaculation.

  6. Hi,

    could you maybe one day make seminars on how to make safe, natural cleaning products? Maybe you've already done and I wasn't aware, if so, maybe you can repeat it? Also, i Would very much be interested in anything related to boost up the immune system.

    Thank you very much,


  7. My mum got me one of these to try a few years ago, they do actually work, my take a few days to build up but after that they are as good as a normal deodorant

    had it for a year til i dropped it and smashed it on the floor lol