Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kohl - the natural eye liner

Kohl has traditionally been used in the Middle East and its use dates back to ancient Egyptian times.Just think Cleopatra’s black rimmed eyes. Later on some women believed that blackening their eyelids and eyebrows would protect them from the glance of the Evil Eye, and also prevent them from transmitting the Evil Eye to another person.

Kohl ("Ithmad" or"Ithmid"), is a lead free ancient remedy. According to Islamic texts, pure "Ithmad" strengthens the nerves of the eye, and acts as a "cure all" for ocular diseases. It is highly recommended for the elderly whose eyesight has weakened.

It is said that ''... it dissolves excess flesh around ulcers and closes the wounds while cleansing the areas around them. It relieves headaches when blended with pure, watery honey, prevents the blistering of burns, helps cure skin damages caused by fire and it nourishes the eyelashes making them grow nice and long''...


1) If you don't have an appropriate kohl applicator, take a small stick or large toothpick which has both ends rounded off. Place this in olive oil overnight so that it soaks into the wood. You may also use the olive oil to clean your stick after use.
2)And obviously, you'll need a packet of kohl powder.

IMPORTANT: If you wear contact lenses you must apply kohl BEFORE inserting lenses. (Mandatory legal disclaimer: In my experience this has not damaged my gas-permeable contact lenses, however I accept no liability if somehow you feel that it has damaged yours.) To proceed with application: pick up stick in right hand to apply to right eye. Dip tip of stick into kohl powder. Hold stick parallel to eye, and starting at the inner point of the eye, run it between the eyelids ACTUALLY TOUCHING THE EYE. (It doesn't hurt, really.) Re-powder stick, pick up in left hand and repeat on the other side. You may also enhance your eyebrows, or draw points off the end of your eyes.

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