Monday, January 31, 2011

Are there Calories in Tea?

In this obsessive fight against fat, and in the name of the 'perfect body image', some people have developed special powers in counting their daily calorie intake. It seems that most of these people manage to take note of every calorie in both their food AND drinks; including our all time favorite quick breakfast... i.e tea!

So, you might be happy to read this; Tea is one of the few drinks that is virtually calorie free when prepared with nothing but water (... that's a calorie off your mind!). This means that teas without the additions of milk, sugar, honey, cream or any other additive it's Calorie and Fat-FREE.

So for every teaspoon of sugar you add to your tea you will need to add 16 calories and for every teaspoon of 2% milk you will add 5 calories. So if you have a cup of tea with 2 teaspoons of sugar and 2 teaspoons of 2% milk then you have a cup of tea with 42 calories.
Tea, Brewed, Prep w/Tap Water

Now, let's try to go deeper then simply counting calories! ... Drinking tea has various health benefits. Moreover, most herbal teas (one of which is green tea) are known to enhance your metabolism, which in turn burns fat in your body. So, if you drink tea regularly, you can loose weight, prevent aging and have a younger and fresher looking skin.

We all know people in China eat rice and other foods that are rich in starch and carbohydrates. Yet, they do not put on weight. This is because of their centuries old habit of drinking (herbal) tea have turned the Chinese most slim and healthy clan on the earth! Drinking tea after every meal can keep your urge for those colas at bay.

Recent researches have shown that drinking tea regularly can prevent diseases like Alzheimer and cancer. Many studies suggest that green teas, white tea and herbal teas can be given to children from a very young age so that their immune system and skin can remain healthy. So, next time you hold that cup of tea in your hands, leave the pastries and cookies and ENJOY a glorious cup of tea...

The link below is dedicated for all those who love counting their calories... even in their drinks! 
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