Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How to make Bath Fizzies!

Bath fizzies or bath bombs are relatively easy to make...if you have the right recipe that is! The following recipe has always given me great results. Check it out.
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1 ½ Cup Baking Soda
½ Cup Citric Acid
2 teaspoons base oil (Can be Grapeseed or Almond oil)
Few sprits of water
Colour, perfume, Petals (optional)

Mix dry ingredients together (i.e. Citric Acid and Baking soda). Break any lumps.

Add just 1 drop of food coloring into the mix. Do not put more or it will stain your bath!

Add 2 tablespoon of base oil and half a tablespoon of fragrance/essential oil of your choice. Mix together well.

Start spraying some water to the mix until it feels like wet sand. The mix should hold together when you squeeze it in your hands. Make sure that the mix is not too wet or it will start to fizz.

Place in molds and make sure you squeeze and press as much as possible. Leave it to set for a couple of minutes then release slowly from the mold.

Leave to cure for 24 hours before use. Use within 2 months

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