Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Insect repellant resins

A natural alternative to this 'mortal' insect coil

Contrary to popular belief female mosquitoes sting humans, not out of a ravenous apetite for blood, but because they need the blood to develop healthy eggs.  Other than that the experts are have not come up with a definite answer to the question...

'Why do mosquitoes love me?' 

Genetics seems to be a contributing factor.   The individual production of carbon dioxide can notably serve as magnets for mosquitoes. Therefore active people who tend to produce more carbon dioxide are likely to be mozzie targets.  The presence of uric acid or by-products of cholesterol on the skin's surface may also entice the persistent pests. 

Research has shown that toxic carcinogenic compounds such as formaldehyde are present in the commercial insect repellant coils. It is safe to say that these coils are not meant to be used indoors and have been deemed more hazardous to human health than smoking cigarettes. 

In Malaria-prone regions such as Malaysia, use of insect coils has been related to lung diseases and damage to the central nervous system.  It is thought that the chemicals in commercial insect repellant coils generally lower the immune system.

So while they protect us from mosquito stings, they are deleterious to our overall health.  But what is the pinciple behind the use of smoke from incense coils?  

Originally the idea came from a Japanese business man and his wife who used chrysantemum petals and sawdust to keep away mosquitos.  The smoke of the resins masks our smell and thus we escape the attention of blood-thristy mozzies.  It's as simple as that. 

Why then do commercially produced coils contain high percentages of toxic chemicals with accompanying harmful particles?  What is the alternative, if any?  

If you prefer a natural non-toxic option why not try a different type of resin?  Traditionally Frankinscence, Myrrh, bits of barks and seeds from various plants and resin sap have all been used to create a non-toxic smoke screen against insects.   This mixture of resins can be found in Soap Cafe's Camping Resins.  These resins can be used in any outdoor situation whether it is a weekend camping trip, a picnic in the woods, a sunset beach Bbq or simply tea in your back garden.  Simply sprinkle the resin over some hot embers from your Bbq or camp fire to release the protective and pleasantly scented smoke.

So next time you head off to the great outdoors, forget the coils, arm yourself with some Camping Resin and enjoy a safe, sting-free experience.

Soap Cafe offers other natural anti mossie solutions such as lotion, soap and indoor burning oil. Go onto our online shop for details.

Read more about mosquito coils and mozzie stings here:

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