Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Heating and Freezing Lavender Wheat Bags

Lavender Wheat Bag is 100% natural and contains no drugs or chemicals. French Lavender flowers that have been dried are mixed into the grain to give the product its famous aroma to give you many hours of relief.

The simplest way to heat a wheat bag is to place it in the microwave, with a glass of water, and heat for three to four minutes. Wheat bags are a great alternative to hot water bottles for children, as they will not leak!

Keeping a wheat bag in the freezer to put on bruises and scrapes similarly avoids the leakage and mess of ice packs, and as wheat bags do not freeze solid, they will mould themselves comfortably around the injured area.

Breastfeeding mothers often find wheat bags comforting for engorged breasts; wheat bags can also be used during labor and menstruation to help soothe cramps.

Wheat bags have also been known to help all the following conditions:
• Arthritis
• Aching Joints
• Sprains and Strains
• Menstrual Pains
• Lumbago
• Rheumatism
• Sports Injuries
• Stress & Tension
• Relieves Some Symptoms Of Migraine Headaches

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