Friday, November 5, 2010

Easy Pomander Ball

Netting or tulle
Cotton wool balls
Essential oils

Take your fabric and using a small saucer or plate cut out a circle. You can draw this onto your fabric and allow the students to cut the circle out. Pinking shears are much safer as it is hard to cut yourself.

Once the circle has been cut out take a cotton wool ball and pull it and tease it till it is a soft ball of fluff.

Then have your students choose an essential oil to place onto the cotton wool ball. You can have each student smell and tell you about each fragrance as they go.

Place a few drops of oil onto the cotton wool ball and place it into the centre of the fabric circle.

Pull the fabric up around the cotton wool and twist. Tie a ribbon around the top leaving a large loop for hanging.

If you are struggling holding it together then secure it with an elastic band to make it easier before tying the ribbon.

You can hang these anywhere.

Objective: This project is a great lesson plan for all ages and disabilities It allows the student to sense different smells and by using aromatherapy oils you can inflict moods onto your students such as lavender for relaxation, Orange for Uplifting.

Raw Materials available at SoapCafe`

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