Thursday, October 20, 2011

B.A.D company - Do ya wanna be part of it?

This is a call to all artists, artisans, craft people, designers, photographers and all artsy fartsy people!!!

Some of you might know already that SoapCafe` is NOT just a soap shop but we also host workshops, talks and promote other people's work. At the new SoapCafe`, we finally can do MORE!

''B.A.D'' stands for Beauty, Art and Design... The 3 major subjects which i dedicated more then a decade studying and researching. So i want to give back the opportunity to this community to exhibit and share their work under SoapCafe`s new roof... after-all that is what SoapCafe` is all about. All those who wish to exhibit their work at the new SoapCafe`, can just contact us on or call me on 99883675.


''B.A.D'' is not a short term exhibition. There's going to be a 'wall' dedicated for artists from different sectors. Each artist will be given the opportunity to exhibit his/her work for a month (or depending on the agreement). There's no limit how many times the artist can exhibit, as long as there's something different everytime.

***EXHIBITING YOUR WORK IS FREE OF CHARGE!!!!*** . Anyone who would like to organize an event or a workshop at our new premises, Contact us for more info.

Share this event with friends, family and colleges. They'll LOVE you for it ;)

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