Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Milky Quartz

Soap Cafe Semi Precious stones (Milky Quartz)The white quartz is a variety of this stone that looks opaque white, and is often used in magical rituals of healing, or as a protective amulet against the various influences that can get us harm.

It is considered that protects us from the lack of energy and vitality, which helps us to enhance our strengths and minimize the negative influences, so you must carry a small white quartz stone, to be with renewed energy throughout the day.

Properties as we confer on the body, has the ability to cure diseases caused by cold shock, sudden weather changes, such as rhinitis, sinusitis, otitis, and the natural discomfort that come along with winter , also favors the lymphatic circulation, is an excellent diuretic and stimulates lactation.

In reference to mental properties, receives, transmits and expands the positive energy we all levels, improve memory, and is considered one of the stones that enhance universal anxiety states, helps us to meditate, relieve states of confusion and is very beneficial for those who hide their identity, they are very secretive about everything because it helps to think we are, who we are and what our goals.

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