Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Red Jasper

Soap Cafe Semi Precious stones (Red Jasper)Red jasper is considered to be a powerful stone since the ancient times. It is perceived to be laden with multiple healing and magical properties. These magical properties are actually the metaphysical properties of red jasper, which have become popular as magical properties due to lack of knowledge about advanced healing abilities of jasper. Ancient Egyptians have used and worn jasper amulets for long now. The stone is believed to be effective in increasing the sexual prowess in males as well as females.
Red Jasper is considered to be a stabilizing stone, that brings about a balance in the surrounding physical energies. It was also known as the warrior's stone in the middle ages, This particular perception about the red jasper might be related to the stone being effective in decreasing unjust and unfair situations and circumstances. It stimulates fertility and sexual prowess. Health wise, red jasper stone and jasper beads are very effective in dealing with physical problems like indigestion, liver problems and problems related to the pancreas. Most importantly a red jasper stone is known for awakening of the body chakras, specially the root chakra.

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