Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hello Aloe!  

Among its numerous properties Aloe Barbadensis heals insect bites and psoriasis, relieves itchy dry skin, fights fungi and moisturizes skin and hair. It can also be taken internally for its laxative properties.

The clear, bitter gel of Aloe Vera is used extensively in the skin care industry. However make sure that Aloe is one of the first (and only) to be mentioned in the ingredients list – otherwise you are probably just getting more 'bad' stuff then 'good' stuff. Be aware that Aloe has the amazing capacity of penetrating deep into the skin tissue carrying water and nutrients with it. This means that any harmful chemicals contained in the product you are buying will also be absorbed.

A word of caution.  Avoid using Aloe Vera internally if pregnant, using steroids or if you are allergic to plants form the Lily family. In persons who are prone to very dry skin (such as eczema), Aloe Vera can cause local irritation.

The wonderful penetrative quality of Aloe and its light, cool texture makes it ideal to treat the sensitive area around the eyes. Today we are introducing Soap Café’s refreshing Eye Gel made with Aloe blended with nourishing and rejuvenating oils.  

If you are considering taking Aloe Vera internally look for a product that is cold pressed and make sure its a hundred per cent Aloe juice and gel. Be aware that most commercial Aloe juices contain sugar and salt as preservatives. Moreover they are diluted with high percentages of water. In fact, pure Aloe Vera - the real deal - is a concentrate and you will only need to take a small amount daily to feel its benefits. Pure Aloe Vera gel and pulp is available from Soap Cafe, Malta.

What do you use Aloe Vera for? Do you have any favourite DIY skin care recipes that you would like to share? Write in a let us know about your experiences with using Aloe Vera.

You can find more info and some skin care recipes using Aloe Vera here:


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