Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Smooth and cool: A selection of smoothie recipes to keep you hydrated and your tummy happy.

Summer is clearly here and our body starts to be drawn to lighter more refreshing foods.. The variety of delicious, juicy fruit and veg during the spring and summer seasons inspires us to create meals that are fresh, cooling, juicy, crisp, and raw. 


Enter the blender. Bring all your favourite summer ingredients together in a single glass. 

Here are some of our favourite combinations. There’s everything from cooling smoothies to a cleansing green juice.

The SPF Smoothie
 Rich in antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E to promote skin regeneration. You can make it without the Camu camu powder and replace it with the juice of a half a lemon since Camu powder has a very high concentration of Vitamin C. Lemon makes a good substitute.


Green and Lean
The next smoothie will appeal to green drink fans who enjoy their nutritious kale shakes. I know that didn’t sound appetising. But the following might well tantalize your tastebuds as it contains delicious coconut water and zingy ginger.


Ayurvedic Cooling Drink
Indian Ayurveda recommends foods that cool the system to beat the summer heat. Cooling foods include melons, pears, grapes, asparagus, cucumber and milk. Check out the refreshing blend published by oneoneonenewsletter.wordpress.com with mouth-watering mango and revitalizing mint.


Cool as Cucumber
I’ll finish this little list of luscious shakes with my personal favourite: Sweet basil, cool cucumber and sweet cantaloupe melon. A fine, classy smoothie to help you chill out during a warm summer’s day.


We're curious about what smoothies you like you stir up. Write in and let us know what your favourite blends are this summer.

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