Thursday, August 6, 2015

Care for your natural skin care product

Naturally different; What does it REALLY mean?

And what should you know about taking care of your natural skin care products.

  • Knowing your natural product also means finding out about the best conditions to store it.  

Many people don't realize that natural skin care items contain no or minimal amounts of preservatives.  It is one of the reasons why we choose to buy them and it makes them qualitatively different to other product. Less preservative in turn means that they have a shorter shelf life.  

As a rule, at Soap Café we recommend using our products within six months of buying them in order to guarantee that the beneficial properties of the ingredients remain intact.

Summer presents an extra challenge for natural products since environmental temperatures are higher at this time of year.

Natural ingredients tend to change color or texture as the heat increases. Liquids may start to separate.  It is a good idea to look at the ingredients in the label and decide which of them may be better off in the fridge. If the product contains oils or butters, both of which have a high fat content, then keep them refrigerated.  The product may harden a bit but it can be quickly melted between the palms of the your hands when you use it.  Products containing beeswax are also likely to soften in the hotter months.

Similarly certain components such as Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) tend to oxidize unless they contain large amounts of stabilisers and preservatives.  In summer they are also best kept in the fridge, with the added benefit that you will end up with a super cooling, extra refreshing gel making it more effective as a treatment for the eye area.   Products which contain fresh ingredients such as fruit or vegetable juice or pieces will also need to be kept refrigerated since they may mold or become rancid. 

So remember, enjoy using your non-toxic skin care regime.  But if they contain truly natural ingredients you will need to treat them like food.  Just like edibles, your lotions and potions (and natural soap bars too) will deteriorate if not stored properly. 

If you have any queries you should start by asking your beauty chef about the shelf life of the product you are using and particularly in summer, don’t forget to ask if it needs to be kept in a cool place or in the fridge.   

Look at it this way.  Natural products come with their pros and cons.  
The high content of degradable ingredients indicates a high content of natural and non-toxic components.  Caring for your natural products really does bring out the best in their properties and saves you money.

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