Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cool Hacks

13 Hacks to keep you chilled in the middle of summer

1. Eat lots of raw fruit and veggies
In Ayurveda cucumber is a number one coolant.   Others include mangoes, peaches, pineapple, grapes and of course cantaloupe and watermelon.  In the veggie section avocado (actually a fruit), broccoli, tomatoes and zucchini make it to the ‘cool’ list together with asparagus and leafy greens. 

2. Remember to drink at least 2 litres of water a day 
If you’re not too fond of plain old water try fruit infusions. Avoid too many drinks which contain sugar or sweeteners.  These are toxic in the long term and will slow down your digestion – which is certainly not what you want on a torrid summer’s day. 

3. Eat smaller meals, more frequently.  
Snack on light cooling foods like fruit or raw veg right through the day. Large meals will slow you down and make you lethargic 

4. Exercise at the golden hours of dawn and dusk.  
Swimming is clearly preferable.  But if you can’t make it to the beach try some gentle yoga or tai chi.

5. Wear loose, light clothing.  
It makes sense to ditch the Lycra pants and skin tight jeans in the next few months. Lounge in loose cotton and linen clothes to allow the air to circulate around your skin. 

6. Sleep with an ice-pack!  
Make your own DIY ice-pack by sticking a hot water bottle (with water at room temperature) into your freezer.  Then just take it bed with you!  You can also use smaller ice-packs on pulse points such as wrist, ankles, back of knees for an instant chillin’ effect. 

7. Spray some fragrant chilled floral water on your face and body.  
Check out Soap Café’s Lavender, Rose or Chamomile Hydrolat here.  Just store them in the refrigerator and liberally spritz it on as required.

8. Cool your room the old fashioned way.  
This one is for those of you who, like myself, don’t particularity like aircon. Add extra cooling factor to your fan by placing a shallow tub or bowl full of ice in front of the fan.  The wind from the fan will blow ice-mist into your room as it gradually dissolves.

9. Go take a shower!  
Needless to say this one will be a cold one (or as cold as it can get with water pipes heated by the August sun)

10. Take a long soak in a cool bath with epsom salts 
This will help to replenish lost magnesium (especially if you sweat alot)

11. Include an organic lotion with refreshing aromatherapy blends such as peppermint and eucalyptus oil in your daily moisturizing regime.  
You can customize your face and body lotion with cooling oils of your choice from an extensive range at Soap Café Malta

12. Stay out of the heat during the middle hours of the day.  
People from the Mediterranean instinctively stay out of the sun between 11am and 4pm.  Re-arrange your commitments so   that they fit in the cooler parts of the day.  I promise you it can be done with a little perseverance!

13. Slow down!  
Physically and mentally give yourself time to recharge when it starts to seriously heat up.   The trick is to be aware that even the way you think changes when your body is under stress –and overheating can cause a great deal of stress.  Practice a little mindful awareness, meditation or just stop and notice your breath for a few minutes a day.  Yoga practitioners can look into coolin types of pranayama such as Sheetali Pranayam.

Write in and let us know about your favourite chilled way to keep your cool this summer!

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