Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Customized Skin care

The Customizables: Let your instincts be your guide.

A skin care range to suit your heart’s desires…
as well as your skin care needs!

Have you ever fallen in love with a scent or perfume and find it hard to wear anything else?  Have you ever resonated with a particular aromatherapy blend and wished you had it in your shower gel and in your body lotion?  Have you ever flirted with fruity fragrance which captured your imagination and made you feel  special? Do you wish to make the most of the benefits of a specific essential oil by including it in your massage oil and also in your hair conditioner? 

Humans have a special relationship to the sense of smell.  Scents often dictate our choice not only in perfumes, but also in our culinary taste and even in companionship.  We can detect thousands of smells and many of our likes and dislikes are based on emotional associations which often influence our mood and state of alertness.  That is why it pays to use your instinct when choosing fragrances which you will wear or keep in your house.

Soap Café believes in your innate ability to select the fragrances and oils your body is and mind are most comfortable with.  We encourage you to exercise this skill when choosing scents and oil blends for your lotions and potions.  For this reason we are introducing the Customizables a range of products which we design together with you.


Customized Care

This is how it works.  Your individual choice of fragrances or oils will be added to an organic fragrance-free base whether it is body lotion, massage/bath oil, cleanser, shampoo and conditioner.  Your selection of fragrances or oils can be determined either by what suits your olfactory fancy or by what you know your skin prefers.  In this way, for instance, you can choose to use the same scent in your conditioner and shampoo but opt for a different blend in your body lotion.  Alternatively you can pick the same fragrance for your lotion, shampoo, oil and conditioner.   The products can be combined to make interesting and innovative gift packs.

The following are some examples of  SoapCafé aromatherapy blends that you can mix with your organic bases:

  • The Wellbeing blend includes a refreshing blend of Orange, Tea tree and Lavender
  • The Muscle blend is an excellent post-work out blend with Peppermint and Eucalypt among others.
  • Among our relaxing blends you can find Aphrodite with Sandalwood, Geranium, Lavender and a hint of Vanilla.

But the list is actually quite vast and intriguing – so much more for you to discover!  Visit us and delve into our selection of floral, fruity and woody scents and oils.

Refill, reuse and rejoice!

At Soap Café you can bring back your empty (clean) bottles and get them refilled with your favorite base and blend.  In this way you are supporting a healthier environment by reducing waste and also buying your product at a slight discount since you will not be paying for the packaging – a little incentive on our part to encourage more awareness about waste production particularly with regards to plastic packaging.

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