Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Environmentally-responsible Earth Friendly Products

Clean up! Clean up! 

Introducing Earth Friendly Products

We are all aware of our responsibilities towards safeguarding our environment, keeping it intact for future generation and safe for present ones

Many of us look for cleaning products that support our decision to protect the environment while maintaining a high standard of hygiene in our houses.  In this issue we present a selection of cleaning products by Earth Friendly Products that do just that…

Earth Friendly Products are environmentally-responsible products that are not tested on animals and do not include animal sources in their ingredients.

Here are some other important reasons why you should give them a try: 

  • 1.4-Dioxane free – For those who are not familiar with this chemical, Dioxane has been proven to be a carcinogen. Moreover it may irritate the respiratory tract and damage the nervous system as well as vital organs such as the liver.

  • Phosphate free – An increase in phosphate content in the earth’s water sources is bad news for lakes and rivers.  This is because it causes eutrophication which means that an excess of nutrients (such as phosphates and nitrates) is present in the water.  This in turn unbalances the ecosystem leading to an increase in harmful bacteria, toxic algae and lack of oxygen in the water. 

  • A neutral cleaner – A neutral ph means Earth friendly Products are gentle and non-corrosive on the surfaces you are cleaning and safe for your hands.

  • Readily biodegradable -  These products are broken down by microorganisms in the environment into harmless components such as water, oxygen and carbon dioxide.

  • Do not bio-accumulate - This means that the residue from Earth Friendly Products does not build up within human tissue or that of other living creatures.  This is because they are plant based and free from petroleum-based chemicals and other toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde.

Earth Friendly Products are available from Soap Café Malta  where you can find ECOs dishwashing liquid (in Almond or Lavender fragrance), ECOs Laundry Liquid, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Orange Plus Floor Concentrate and the useful multi-surface Countertop Cleaner.

Read more about the concept of environmentally responsible cleaners here: 

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