Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How to make your house smell divine.

Home Sweet (and fragrant) Home…

 ‘Room fragrances’ are used to add a particular scent to our living environment and may include both synthetic and natural products.  

Synthetic fragrances include items such as scented candles and room diffusers.  But many others use aromatherapy oils and other natural products.   Oil burners, incense, resins, fragrance diffusers with wicking twigs, scented candles and soy wax melts are some of the wide selection of scent enhancers available to consumers.

Scents affect the way we feel generally or about a specific place.  Our olfactory sense dictates how comfortable we are in a place and determines our overall experience of it.  Think of your reaction to the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning or the warm tones of a rose petal and aromatherapy oil bath.  Commercial supermarket chains know this very well and use bottled scents of freshly baked goods in their air conditioning systems to induce a sense of well-being and subtly encourage customers to shop.

Scents influence our mindscape via out nervous system. Hence the smells we choose to surround ourselves with are important for our state of mind.  Oils and herbs can also be used to purify the air in your house.  Sage and rosemary are traditionally used to clean the air from impurities.  These herbs are used in ‘smudging’ , a shamanic practice which is said to clear negative energy.  This practice may well  originate from the fact that both sage and rosemary have antiseptic and insect repelling properties.  Lemongrass is a wonderful scent which similarly has both these attributes and is available both as an essential oil and in incense.

Using  an Oil Burner
An oil burner can be a great way to add a pleasant fragrance to your house.  Just fill up the burner with water and add ten drops of your favourite oil.  Water is used rather than oil as commonly thought.  The water will evaporate and diffuse the scent of the essential oil into the room.  Oil is not used as a carrier in this case since it will just burn once it is heated by the candle.    The choice of essential oil can vary according to your taste
and needs.  For instance floral scents such as lavender can be stimulating in a quiet, soothing way.  Woody tones like sandalwood or frankincense induce a deeper type of relaxation.  It is claimed that certain oils can help to reduce symptoms of asthma and common allergies.  Eucalypt, chamomile, peppermint and lavender are often used for this purpose. 

At Soap Cafe Malta you can even order customized scented candles as wedding favours or as gifts tailor-made to suit the preferences of someone special.  Customized candles can also be part of a specialised environment such as in a restaurant.  For instance a little known fact is that the scent of rosemary can be used to stimulate your guests' apetite while citronella and lemongrass can fragrantly repell annoying bugs. 

Visit Soap Café Malta where you can find a selection of oil burners in ceramic or terracotta.  Additionally Soap Café Malta stocks a wide range of high quality essential oils.  If you are looking for a different way to perfume your living quarters or your work space why not try scented soy melts by Nat-Wax also available at Soap Café.  Last but not least take your pick fr om a tantalizing variety of incense sticks including the renowned Agarbati Nag Champa.

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