Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Differences between Fragrances and Essential Oils - Part 2

Essential oils: Nature's Healing Garden


In the last newsletter we discussed properties of fragrances.  This week we look at how essential oils are produced as well as some of their benefits and contraindications. 

Aromatherapy oils are extracted from different parts of a variety of plants  They  are the volatile essences found in the flowers, stem, leaves, bark, resin or in the fruit of a plant.

  • Some essential oils can be very expensive for the consumer because of how it is produced.  Rose Otto is one of these costly oils.  After all it takes a thousand petals to produce a drop of this delightful and rejuvenating oil.

  • The oil itself is usually not fatty or oily.  In fact naturally occurring essential oils are often highly volatile.

  • They enter the bloodstream via the skin in the form of massage or bath oils but can also be used in oil based perfumes.  They can similarly be used in compresses or can be added to a base of organic lotion or shampoo to enhance its qualities according to the needs of the person using it.

  • Essential oils are normally chosen because of their therapeutic effects. In fact they influence the nervous system and are able to alter moods, relieve pain and may have antiseptic qualities. Similarly they can have moisturizing or astringent properties.  In other words aromatherapy oils contain within them the healing power of the plant they are derived from.

  • Essential oils are made up of a complex set of naturally occurring chemicals.  Some can contain hundreds of different compounds.  Much depends on the plant source being used.

  • Aromatherapy oils are often used with a carrier oil.  In a few cases these natural oils can be used directly on the skin.  For example tea tree is commonly used on its own to treat fungi and minor skin irritations. 

  • However care needs to be taken with regards to specific allergies when using essential oils.  Moreover certain oils could have adverse effects if used incorrectly.  For instance some oils could have an irritant effect to the skin while others such as citrus need to be used away from sunlight since they may have a bleaching effect on the skin.


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