Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Essential oils or Fragrances? What’s the difference? - Part 1

The truth about Fragrances

Choosing your scent depends mainly on what you are going to use it for.  Here are some of the main differences to help you decide.  

The following article is the first in a short series that aims at clearing some of the myths and common beliefs about fragrances and essential oils. 

This week we discuss the use and abuse of Fragrances...

  • Fragrances are produced synthetically. They are created primarily to enhance the olfactory experience of the person using the product – to make the product more pleasing to our sense of smell

Bear in mind that while fragrances tend to get a bad rep, they are not necessarily harmful.  If anything they make a wider range of scents available for us to choose from and enjoy – at a reasonable price. 

  • Fragrances are made in a lab where they are artificially produced to mimic natural scents.  The composition of a plant is copied and reconstructed artificially to reproduce the scent of a particular substance.  Nevertheless some fragrances may also include a small percentage of plant based natural compounds.
  • Because fragrances are produced artificially, one finds a relatively unlimited range of scents within this category.
  • They are usually chosen in order to suggest a particular aroma such as vanilla, coffee or sea breeze.  The choice of fragrance much depends on the consumer preference.
  • Fragrance oils are heavier and less volatile then essential oils.  This means that the scent from a fragrance will last longer than that of an aromatherapy oil. 
  • They are cheaper to produce and may contain added chemicals such as alcohol.  Therefore it is important to know the actual composition in order to make sure that no toxic substances are present.
  • Fragrances are commonly used in the commercial production of perfumes, cosmetics and skin care products.
  • While fragrances can carry the scent of particular plant they will not have the beneficial properties associated with the essential oil.  On the other hand the fragrance of a plant will not carry the potentially adverse effects that the oil might have making it a safer choice for those who only want to enjoy the scent and its uplifting effects.

Bottom line...the fragrance you opt for pretty much depends on what scent you feel like enjoying. Fragrances can be a safe and fun way to spice up your skin care routine without the cost of essential oils.  

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